Our practice is only as great as our attorneys and
staff, and we have worked to hire and retain
industry experts dedicated to the success of our
The Objectives to The Law Office of Terri C. Mendez are that of
“healing from the inside out”.


Terri C. Mendez has practiced family law and criminal defense in
Montgomery and surrounding counties for over 10 years. She
earned her Doctorate of Jurisprudence from South Texas College of
Law and was admitted to the State Bar of Texas and the State Bar
of Louisiana in 1997. Her extensive experience and litigation skills
allow her to effectively advocate and negotiate for her clients. Her
practice expertise includes successful negotiation and litigation of
complex divorce cases involving contested property division and
child custody issues, as well as representation of the accused in
felony crimes and misdemeanor offenses.        
The theory she uses in her criminal and juvenile practice of law is to
work hard with the children or adult to move forward in a positive
direction.   She requires honesty and integrity in staff and in her
relationship with her client.

In her practice of family law, she also uses that philosophy but
includes doing everything possible to obtain a result that is in the
best interest of the children. She is expectant of her law office and
staff that her philosophy is practiced in all aspects of her relations
with her clients.  

Once meeting with Ms. Mendez, you will notice that her demeanor
is that of one that will fight to obtain her goals.  She is dedicated to
helping her clients through the difficult time of divorce and/ or custody
disputes and it is her goal to make this process a bit easier for them by
letting them know their case is in the rights hands with the Mendez Law


A 2008 graduate of Sam Houston State University with a degree in
Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology, Amanda enjoys the
practice of family law as well as criminal law and works really well
to communicate with the clients to help resolve disputes.  Amanda’s
experience combined with her attention to detail and dedication are
great attributes to the firm and its ability to assist our clients.
Amanda’s years of work experience and her outstanding people
skills make her invaluable in the day-to-day coordination of the
firm's business operations and management. She is
the core that moves this firm. Once you have retained The Law
Office of Terri C. Mendez and Mended Law Group to represent you, you
have Amanda on your team to work hard to get the results needed to
accomplish your goals.  She is easily accessible to you on a daily basis to
for direct communicate, and works hand in hand with Attorney Mendez
in all aspects of her practice.   Amanda strongly promotes the goal of the
Law Office of Terri C. Mendez to facilitate the needs of the client. She is
committed to continuing and expanding her legal knowledge as much as
possible through continuing education and translates that knowledge
into positive results for their clients.


Blanca enjoys working with the firm and speaking with various people,
as well as providing them with the best customer service experience she
can when they call or come into the office. She is the face our firm.  
Blanca's ability to communicate in both English & Spanish make her an
asset to our firm.
Communication is they Key.